Coingeek Daily Art Challenge

Create a piece of art every day (without fail) for 30 days in August

Sponsored by: Coingeek

Start date: 2022-08-01


The challenge: create a piece of art every day (without fail) for 30 days in August

If you do so successfully, the sponsors for this challenge (Coingeek) will:

  1. Choose their favorite piece
  2. Mint the chosen piece as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token)
  3. Award you a share of a BSV prize pool

The focus is not just on the art but on consistency and self-accountability.

Half the battle is just showing up!

If you want further details, skip to the end of the page, but we want to tell you a little more about why we’re doing this and the non-financial benefits of participating.

Why create art for 30 days?

Daily creator challenges have changed people's lives. From #Tweet100 to #Ship30for30 to #NaNoWriMo.

The now-famous artist, Beeple, once felt flat and listless in his career, but he shocked the art world when he sold a single NFT for $69M.

Beeple’s rise to stardom is a lesson in consistency and improving daily. Beeple made such a splash because he posted art for 5,000 days straight. The NFT piece he sold was called “Everydays: The First 5000,” which featured his first 5,000 pieces.

Beeple’s story teaches us that:

  • When you design a process, commit to it. Don’t wait on the muse to bless you with inspiration. Do the work no matter what. Set “non-negotiables.”
  • Remove distractions in the pursuit of your goal. Be ruthless in saying “no” when a new shiny object threatens to take you off course.
  • Give yourself constraints. Tight deadlines and limited budgets increase your effectiveness. Embrace them for yourself.
  • Remember that patience is the key that unlocks long-term success. Do one thing 5,000 times over and you’ll get good at it. Forget about recipes for instant results.

Beeple proves that consistency is a big key to success. This is why Coingeek has partnered with Honā - a new Web3 accountability platform - to help with this challenge. As Honā helps with all of the above elements.

Here are just a few of the benefits of this challenge, however:

Benefits to you

  • Creating generates creativity. You’ll have more ideas.
  • Consistently showing up leads to confidence. You’ll feel good about yourself.
  • Producing improves productivity. Publish each day and you’ll be in get shit done mode.
  • Done is better than perfect. You’ll have some duds, but a few gems will emerge.
  • Discipline. Being forced to write daily will draw out insights you didn’t know you had.
  • Optimism. You’ll be less of a cynic and a critic because you’ll be a creator.

Benefits to the world

  • More art means less doom-scrolling
  • Expression of your unique views and perspectives
  • More creatives = more beauty
  • More discipline means more inspiration for others


  • Don’t be precious.
  • Pick up the short book “The War of Art” and read it during the challenge.
  • Get inspired by artists from previous Honā daily art challenges here (or see below)


  • You must publish to Honā every day for the month of August.
  • Express yourself, but avoid anything pornographic
  • Original content only, so no re-publishing of existing material (yours or others)

We know about falling off the wagon. If you miss a day, it’s easy to just quit. Don’t! It’s best to get back up and keep going.

If you miss a day, you can pick it back up and still get a secondary prize. Even if you miss two days but hit 28/30 there’s a prize, so don’t quit!


Coingeek has kicked off the prize pool with 1 BSV!

  1. SV Chad: first to hit 30 days straight
    • Artwork chosen and minted as an NFT
    • Rare NFT
    • Share of BSV prize pool divided equally between all who complete 30 days.
  2. Prince Chad: first with 29/30 days - Mystery Prize
  3. Regular Chad: first with 28/30 days - Mystery Prize

Donating to the prize pool is not a requirement to participate, but it is a GREAT way to commit to the challenge. Get a little skin in the game.

If you want to get that BSV back (and then some), you gotta show up every day and hit publish!

How to enter

  1. Join the challenge by signing up to Honā here
  2. Publicly say you’re in by Tweeting with the hashtag #CGArtChallenge
  3. Post to Honā every day Aug 1-30

Optional: put more skin in the game by adding funds to your commitment (when you commit to the challenge inside Honā, you'll see an option). This has proven to help incentivize some participants even further! If you don't make it to the end, you'll get your money back, or parts of it. based on what you select.

Honā is a great way to celebrate wins, share challenges, meet others participating, and keep the momentum going.

Are you in?

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