Take your group challenges to the next level.

Running a 30/60/100 day challenge? Honā helps you get more out of them, unlike anything else. Increase engagement, completion rates, and accountability with our platform.

Accountability software that accelerates group success.

Honā allows you to handle your group challenges, and its participants, with transparency and insights that help fuel your clients or community's growth.

Increase engagement

By having your entire challenge participant commitments, check-ins, events, leaderboards all in one place making your life simple and easy.

Improve success rates

You focus on the progress of the participants and enable them with resources while we keep them accountable and consistent.

Gain better insights

We provide you with a leaderboard and Analytics Page about individual and group momentum and completion rates to reward the top contributors of the challenge.

How does it help challenge creators?

Under the hood

Blockchain-Powered Actions

Momentum tracker for Commitments

Community driven accountability system

Want to see a real-life example?

Above is a 30 Day Blog Challenge hosted in September by a publishing platform, Bitpost. Their objective? To attract new subscribers to their platform and increase posts published.

47 out of 60 participants who used Honā to stay committed have

  • posted ~700 progress updates

  • contributed ~$800 to the prize pool.

  • Achieved 82% Success Rate of the Challenge

  • 60% Have continued it as a Self-Commitment

As a result of the social media buzz, there have been:

  • 200+ new subscribers to Bitpost's platform

  • an increase of 40% posts to their platform.

This shows how Accountability can drive Engagement, Success rates and Help you to Grow as a Creator.

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