About us

Our mission: 1 billion micro-commitments honored by 2027.

Why Honā?

"Honā" in ancient Sanskrit means "to become." Our app is all about helping people "become better" through value-aligned commitments, and since the word also sounds like "honor", we thought it was apt for the product.

We see many startups focus on "conquering the world", disrupting industries, and/or getting rich. While all these things are nice, our aim is for Honā to help individuals conquer their inner worlds by shifting their behaviors, attitudes, and sense of belonging.

"Everybody wants to conquer the world, but very few seek to conquer themselves first".

Where did Honā start?

In 2016, we launched a mastermind group called The Pack, attracting a diverse range of 'lone wolf' entrepreneurial types, including freelancers, remote workers, and startup founders.

The Pack is essentially a productivity accelerator, with members reporting an average of 54% increase in their productivity. The Pack facilitators were rated on average 4.5 out 5 stars, and the group's "sense of community" was rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Honā was born out of The Pack. Over the past 5+ years, we've noticed some key struggles our members face:

  1. Fear of success and/or failure

  2. How to set effective goals

  3. How to have accountability without it feeling like 'punishment'

So we created the Honā app to provide a structured, healthy approach to accountability.

Honor your word. Get rewarded. Become better together.

Trends in the wider landscape

In addition, we have been noticing themes in the wider landscape that relate to accountability:

  • Covid-19 pushing companies and workers to go fully remote

  • Remote workers and digital nomads seeking better ways to be more productive, accountable, and resilient in the face of uncertainty

  • The rise of cryptocurrencies and cyber-attacks pushing for innovation in terms of financial freedom and data ownership.

  • A decrease in trust due to broken promises with few consequences, on both a macro and micro level

  • People seeking cohort-based learning and positive peer pressure (e.g. #BuildInPublic, 30 Day Challenges) to learn new skills and achieve their goals


Core Team

George S. Samuels


Award-winning entrepreneur featured by Entrepreneur.com, Tech in Asia, Yahoo Finance, RestOfWorld, Thrive, and Slack. Worked for a billion-dollar fintech company.

Siggi Oskarsson


Ex-Director for a billion dollar German market research company. Co-founded Holocracy app Nestr.io. Certified Scrum Product Owner.

Aashish Ramamurthy

Community & Growth

Ex-Paypal developer. Draper Startup House. Business development, customer service, community success, partnerships, sales.


Richard Evensen


Startup Advisor & Enabler. Chief Knowledge Officer. Board Advisor. Counterintuitive Business Strategist. Ex-Forrester Research.

Erin O’Brien


Masters Psycholinguistics & Big Data Language Analysis. Ex-Uni of Sydney facilitator in goal-setting. 10+ years in productivity coaching.

Umeysh Ramalingachar

Startup Networker

Chapter Co-Director @ Startup Grind Bangalore. Startup mentor, advisor, and investor. People person, growth hacker and multilingual.

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