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We're looking to build one of the most honorable communities in the world, by improving accountability for the future of remote work.
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About Honā

An accountability platform to help you honor commitments, achieve goals, and become better... together

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"Enthusasism is common. Commitment is rare."
Due to Covid, many people now find themselves working remotely, with little sign of reversal in the immediate future. Struggles with motivation, productivity, and loneliness have become a part of the #NewNormal. To top if off, issues with integrity are being seen amongst leadership from global executives all the way up to politicians. We think all these things are connected. As a result, we believe that the world is in need of honor, trust, and accountability now more than ever.

This is why we're on a mission to reward people who honor their commitments. Why? Because firstly, it's increasingly rare, and secondly, we believe that if people can honor their day-to-day commitments more consistently - we can help people achieve more, while building a more honorable society.

Setting goals is not enough, we must commit.

We’re building a platform for remote workers that intelligently rewards accountability. It incentivizes keeping yourself and others accountable. We bring a fresh approach to goal-setting and habit tracking, using proven methods in behavioral science, group accountability, and blockchain technology (although when we're done, mentioning blockchain won't even matter).

Our vision is to build a more honorable society, one commitment at a time. To improve productivity, increase trust, and decrease loneliness in the world.

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