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Honā is an accountability platform for founders, creators & professionals. Honor your commitments, achieve goals, and become better, together. Are you ready to bet on your success?
Voted #1 Judge's Choice by Silicon Valley billionaire Tim Draper

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The concept is simple: set a goal, commit an amount, make it happen. If you succeed, you get your money back. If you don't, you choose from a list of where you want it to go! We're building a platform that makes the process of accountability more honest, insightful & rewarding using behavioral science and blockchain technology. We want to reinvent the way goals are set and achieved online, while bringing integrity to your commitments, reputation, and data. Honor your word, get rewarded!

"Enthusiasm is common. Commitment is rare."

“We’re excited about the opportunity to expand our vision of improving accountability in the world. Having initially validated our idea with paying customers, we knew we were onto something. And when we won the Draper U pitching competition, it only confirmed our hunches. Failed commitments due to remote-work (a growing population due to Covid-19) can impact professional reputations. Shame or guilt around failed goals is something almost everyone struggles with, and online privacy / data ownership is a growing concern due to mass distrust. We believe our solution can help address these key issues. We’re also honored to be joining Tim Draper’s investment portfolio, which includes the likes of Tesla, SpaceX, Telegram, Robinhood, Coinbase, and more."

Hona Secures Investment from Draper U Ventures

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